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RedMint Cream
RedMint Cream

RedMint Cream

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Redmint Cream is one of the best ways to ease the pain naturally, without any side effects! With the help of all-natural extracts and essential oils alleviates and handles discomfort by activating the body's natural pain-relieving system to fights aches and pains.

RedMint Buah Merah Liniment Cream - Organic-Potion.Com

Everything about this cream is natural—it uses natural ingredients to support the body's own pain-fighting system. Thanks to its organic formula, RedMint cream uses a blend of natural healing essential oils. Fragrance-free, the smell is from the natural scent of vanilla essential oil and when applied, it moisturizes the skin; it can be used as a massage cream, and even to nurse other minor irritations.

Natural Ingredients

🌱Buah Merah Oil
🌿Tea Tree Oil
🌿Eucalyptus Oil
🌿Virgin-Coconut Oil
🌿Andiroba Oil
🌿Olive Oil
🌿Capsicum 🌶

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